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A system that prevents lost containers at sea | COBS
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What is

COBS (Container Overboard System) prevents lost containers at sea


An average of 1500 containers are lost at sea every year. Preventing the loss of these deposits and mitigating environmental damage, the threat that it poses to maritime safety, and the economic impact that this causes to the agents involved in maritime transport is the reason for being of COBS.

COBS, is an alarm and location device, keeping the containers afloat so that they do not sink. This improves:

  • Supply chain
  • Environmental protection
  • Navigation Safety
  • Casualties and claims investigation
How it works - Solution

COBS is a system that alerts, identify, track & trace, and keep overboard containers afloat


COBS instantly alerts of the fall of a container overboard, identifies which containers have been lost and reports their location in real time. Thanks to its integrated buoyancy system, a container will not sink, so that in this way, the containers can be rescued.

COBS was created with the aim of providing a mitigation tool to the lost containers at sea problem, since it mitigates the impact that this type of accident causes in maritime transport.

Knowing the loss of a specific container instantly, will allow to the supply chain and the maritime transport stakeholders, to take different measures that reduce the big impact of these maritime casualties.

COBS is delivered as a service, so the customer will pay a fee for each container trip made with the device, proportional to the value of the transported goods and the freight cost.

COBS, is the liferaft of maritime containers.


Greater global maritime transport security


chain impact




Marine litter reduction and environment protection


Track & Trace


Alert System


Container buoyancy

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