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Sensefinity & COBS Partnership | COBS
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Sensefinity & COBS Partnership

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Sensefinity, partners with COBS – Container Overboard System, to alert, identify, track & trace containers fallen from container ships, so ultimately they can be rescued.
Sensefinity – Everything Connects, a leading provider of IoT solutions, has announced its partnership with COBS – Container Overboard System, a startup company specialized in creating systems to detect and keep afloat overboard containers.

Container loss incidents are on the rise, causing severe economic, navigation safety and environmental damage. According to a recent study by the World Shipping Council, an average of 1,629 containers are lost at sea each year. This results in a significant financial loss for the shipping industry and poses a threat to marine life and the environment.
Through this partnership, Sensefinity – Everything Connects and COBS – Container Overboard System aim to prevent and mitigate the impact of container loss incidents. Sensefinity – Everything Connects will provide its advanced IoT technology to track and monitor containers during transportation, while COBS – Container Overboard System will leverage its expertise in maritime logistics around overboard containers problem, further developing a solution that keep afloat fallen containers and collaborate with Sensefinity – Everything Connects to increase the potential of their products.
Sensefinity┬┤s IoT technology enables real-time monitoring of container location, temperature, humidity, and other critical parameters. It also includes GPS, cellular, and satellite connectivity, which allows for seamless tracking even in remote areas. The data collected by Sensefinity’s devices will be integrated with COBS to enable quick mitigation actions and retrieval of fallen containers.
“We are excited to partner with COBS – Container Overboard System to help mitigate the impact of container loss incidents,” said Orlando Rem├ędios, CEO of Sensefinity. “Our advanced IoT technology will provide real-time visibility of containers during transportation, which will help prevent accidents and increase safety.”
“COBS, is delighted to collaborate with Sensefinity in this important initiative,” said Carlos Freire Trigo, founder of COBS – Container Overboard System project. “Our joint effort will significantly reduce the economic and environmental impact of container loss incidents and provide a safer and more sustainable transportation system.”